About Me and DS One Sheet

Me in my 3D Glasses

Here’s me in my cool 3D glasses after I had seen Jurassic Park in 3D. It was so cool!!

Hi everyone! I’m a big fan of movies and television. I’ve been collecting movie posters for most of my life. I also collect movie and television soundtracks. I love learning about how movies and television shows are produced and the history of the production industry. I live in Chicago, which by the way, is where quite a few of the original movie studios started out their lives in the old silent pictures era. Of course, that was before they figured out that they could get better weather all year round in California. Moving to California opened up lots of opportunities to take their work out of the studio and into the great outdoor locations. Deserters. Anyway, I enjoy the history of the movie and television industry and I really enjoy collecting little bits of that history. Thanks for stopping by Double-Sided One Sheet!

What is a Double Sided One Sheet?

A “one sheet” is a poster used for advertising a motion picture. One sheet posters are usually 27″ by 40″ in size. Any poster that is not that size is not a one sheet. One sheets have the artwork for the movie printed on one side only. So when you see a one sheet, the movie ad art is on the front side and the back side of the poster is blank. A “double-sided one sheet” is a movie poster that has the movie art work on both the front and back sides. They are usually more expensive than a one sheet poster that is printed on the front only. One sheets are original posters distributed by the movie studio. They are coveted by movie poster collectors. Many one sheet posters are reproduced for the retail market. These reproductions of one sheet posters are usually smaller in size than an official one sheet.